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openSUSE12.2 image
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Docker openSUSE12.2

Base image openSUSE12.2

Build from iso

How to build your own openSUSE12.2 image

Install openSUSE-12.2 on VirtualBox (make the installation minimal as possible)

Log into openSUSE-12.2 and create a tar file by running :

    tar --numeric-owner --exclude=/dev --exclude=/proc --exclude=/sys -cvf openSUSE-12.2.tar /

Copy the tar file, add /dev and /proc directories and import it as a docker image :

mdkir openSUSE-12.2 
mv openSUSE-12.2.tar openSUSE-12.2
cd openSUSE-12.2
tar xf openSUSE-12.2.tar 
rm -f openSUSE-12.2.tar
mkdir {dev,proc}
tar cf openSUSE-12.2.tar .
cat openSUSE-12.2.tar | docker import - stan0304/opensuse:12.2
rm -rf *

Now test the image :

    docker run -i -t stan0304/opensuse:12.2 cat /etc/SuSE-release

You can now save your image :

    docker save stan0304/opensuse:12.2 > opensuse-12.2.tar
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