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Engine Image

This image will build a container that runs the engine.



Two redis instances are required: redis_local which will handle content caching and redis_central which
will handle system-wide caching for things that should be shared with however number of instances we have running.


Create the data directory at /var/lib/redis/local

sudo docker run -d -p 6379:6379 --name redis_local \
    -v /var/lib/redis/local:/data redis \
    redis-server --appendonly yes


  • Create the data directory at /var/lib/redis/central

  • Run container:

sudo docker run -d -p 6380:6380 --name redis_central \
    -v /var/lib/redis/central:/data \
    redis redis-server --appendonly yes


Change [NODE_ENV] to represent the environment that you're running on.

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 --name engine_3000 \
    -v /home/ec2-user/code/engine:/engine \
    --link redis_local:redis_local \
    --link redis_central:redis_central \
    --env NODE_ENV=[NODE_ENV] \

As shown in the command above the engine code will need to be mounted to /engine/, then the
container will run npm install before running supervisord which in turn will run the engine with coffee
in that directory.

Ports should be as implemented in the application, in this example we're listening on port 3000.

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