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Task Image for running Concourse Pipelines - Now With Go
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This Docker image contains a set of utilities commonly used in
Concourse pipelines, pre-installed, along with Go.

The 1.4 tag installs Go 1.4.2.

The 1.5 tag installs Go 1.5.3.

The $GOPATH and $GOROOT environment variables will already be
set for you (to /gopath and /goroot, respectively). Likewise,
$PATH is properly set up to include the binaries installed by
go get.

The following useful tools are installed by default:

  • go cover - Tool for generating test coverage reports
  • go vet - Tool for vetting your source code for possible
    issues and non-idiomatic usage
  • golint - A linter for Go source code
  • godep - Dependency management utility for Go projects
  • goxc - Go cross-compiler
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