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Jenkins docker image with config data S3 sync support
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Docker built image is hosted here:

Jenkins docker image. Jenkins configuration can be synced from AWS S3 bucket at

By default there is only one-way configuration sync, but you can set up a jenkins
job which syncs ${JENKINS_HOME} to the same S3 bucket, so next time you start
this container you will have all your config loaded at startup time.

The image is based on Fedora base image. It has docker, git, aws cli tools and
obviously Jenkins preinstall.


Configuration is done using environment variables.

Authentication to S3 bucket can be passed in via AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY and
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID or EC2 instance IAM role.

  • JENKINS_HOME Default: /var/lib/jenkins. If you decide to change this,
    make sure you run docker container with -v <new_jenkins_home> set
  • JENKINS_HOME_S3_BUCKET_NAME Default: unset. If unset, config sync will not run
  • JAVA_OPTS Default: unset.
  • JENKINS_OPTS Default: unset. Any valid jenkins parameter is supported


docker run \
  -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=xxx \
  -e JENKINS_HOME_S3_BUCKET_NAME=example-jenkinsconfig-us-east-1 \
  -p 8080:8080 state/jenkins
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