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Korea Maps

South Korea regional boundary in simplified ESRI Shapefile, GeoJSON, and TopoJSON.



  1. Download Dabasource to ./maps
    • Datasource the Station3 AWS S3 > korea-maps
  2. Docker install
  3. Docker run
    $ docker run -it -v `pwd`/maps:/root/korea-maps/maps -v `pwd`/output:/root/korea-maps/output station3/korea-maps

Generating Simplified ESRI Shapefile, GeoJSON, and TopoJSON

The shell script simplifies the original shape files and generates to the topojson files using topojson CLI. GeoJSON and ESRI Shapefile are generated from the topojson files.

  • ./maps : Original shape file
  • ./output/transformed_shp : Transformed shape file
  • ./output/simplified_shp : Simplified shape file
  • ./output/topojson : TopoJson
  • ./output/geojson : GeoJson
$ ./ # TL_SCCO_CTPRVN.shp, TL_SCCO_SIG.shp, TL_SCCO_EMD.shp data merge
$ ./ # Encoding EUC-KR -> UTF-8 And Change column names.
$ ./ # Create simplified shp, geojoin, topojson, postgresql query

Simplified Regional Boundary on Google Map.

Visit here(

Or run on the local machine(It requires Python).

$ ./


We Use It in Production

An awesome real estate service in South Korea, Dabang(

Copyrights and License


Heehong Moon, Jeahyeok Song


국가공간정보유통시스템( > 공간정보 구매 > 무료 공간정보 > 도로명 전자지도


Copyright 2013 Station3, Inc under the Eclipse Public License.

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