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Docker container for PHP Development with ZSH, Composer and Symfony installer
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PHP-Development container with :

Ports exposed:

  • 8000 : for Symfony built-in server (PHP)


ZSH-PHP require docker.

First, run your docker terminal.

Then you will need to clone this repo :

$ git clone
$ cd zsh-php

You have to add shared folders to your docker virtual machine, in Oracle VM Virtual Box :

  • shared vm name "www" -> To your "www" root

You have to add the "" file to your virtual machine in this folder "/var/lib/boot2docker/" :

$ docker-machine ssh default
* "(assuming 'default' is your docker virtual machine name)"
$ sudo vi /var/lib/boot2docker/
* "paste those lines into this new file:"
mkdir -p /home/docker/zsh-php/www
mount -t vboxsf www /home/docker/zsh-php/www

$ sudo chmod +x /var/lib/boot2docker/

Restart your docker machine (assuming "default" is your docker virtual machine name):

$ docker-machine restart default

Build zsh-php container :

$ docker build -t stayfi/zsh-php zsh-php


Run zsh-php by :

$ docker run -ti -p 8000:8000 -v /home/docker/zsh-php/www:/var/www stayfi/zsh-php /bin/zsh

You will have your zsh prompt.


$ composer --version

Symfony Installer

$ symfony --version
$ symfony new my-project

Symfony built-in server

$ cd my-project
$ php bin/console server:run

Important : user address.

Assuming your default docker IP address is, you can acces to :

Web server :

To start working on your project.


Stayfi B. -




First version, working.


MIT license

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