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A version of the Official Docker Image for Buildpack Dependencies recompiled for ARM64
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Buildpack Dependencies for ARM64 Devices

Official Image/Parent Project: _/buildpack-deps (Docker Hub)
Project GitHub: samthecodingman/docker-arm64-buildpack-deps

This repository contains the Docker images for common build dependencies, compiled for ARM64 devices. This image was compiled on a Pine64/Pine A64 2GB.

This image is part of a series of images prefixed with stcm/arm64- that correspond to a handful of the official Docker images.

Requests for images/variants can be sent to me on Twitter and I'll see what I can do.

Available Versions

Usage: stcm/arm64-buildpack-deps:<tag>

jessie-curl, curl (jessie/curl/Dockerfile)
jessie-scm, scm (jessie/scm/Dockerfile)
jessie, latest (jessie/Dockerfile)

curl variants include just the curl, wget, and ca-certificates packages.
scm variants are based on curl, but also adds various source control management tools. Currently bzr, git, hg and svn.

See the official image page for more complete information.

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