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Increment an active task definition on ECS with an updated Docker image.
Full Description

ECS Task Deploy

A script to increment an active task definition on ECS with an updated Docker image, followed by a service update to use it.

Sequence of steps performed by the script:

  1. Download the active task definition of an ECS service.
  2. Clone it.
  3. Given the Docker image name provided, find any containers in the task definition with references to it and replace them with the new one. Docker tags are ignored when searching for a match.
  4. Register this new task definition with ECS.
  5. Update the service to use this new task definition, triggering a blue/green deployment.

Spare Capacity

In order to roll a blue/green deployment there must be spare capacity available to spin up a task based on your updated task definition.
If there's not capacity to do this your deployment will fail.

An alternate option provided by this tool is --kill-task. This will attempt to stop an existing task, making way for the blue/green rollout.

This has obvious implications, reducing your horizontal scale by one during the deployment. If you're only running a single task
you'll experience some down time. Use at your own risk.


docker run stead/ecs-task-deploy [options]


-h, --help                output usage information
-V, --version             output the version number
-k, --aws-access-key <k>  aws access key, or via AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID env variable
-s, --aws-secret-key <k>  aws secret key, or via AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY env variable
-r, --region <r>          aws region, or via AWS_DEFAULT_REGION env variable.
-c, --cluster <c>         ecs cluster, or via AWS_ECS_CLUSTER env variable
-n, --service <n>         ecs service, or via AWS_ECS_SERVICE_NAME env variable
-i, --image <i>           docker image for task definition, or via AWS_ECS_TASK_IMAGE env variable
-t, --timeout <t>         max timeout (sec) for ECS service to launch new task, defaults to 180s
-v, --verbose             enable verbose mode
--kill-task               stop a running task to allow space for a rolling blue/green deployment


Run with standard AWS environment variables
docker run --rm \
    -e AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=<region>  \
    -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<key> \
    -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<secret>  \
    stead/ecs-task-deploy \
    -c <cluster> \
    -n <service-name> \
    -i <image-name> \
Run with arguments
docker run --rm stead/ecs-task-deploy \
    -k <key> \
    -s <secret> \
    -r <region> \
    -c <cluster> \
    -n <service-name> \
    -i <image-name>


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