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Nikto web vulnerability scanner
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Nikto web vulnerability scanner

docker run stealthizer/kali-nikto [args]

  • Nikto

   -config+            Use this config file
   -Display+           Turn on/off display outputs
   -dbcheck            check database and other key files for syntax errors
   -Format+            save file (-o) format
   -Help               Extended help information
   -host+              target host
   -id+                Host authentication to use, format is id:pass or id:pass:realm
   -list-plugins       List all available plugins
   -output+            Write output to this file
   -nossl              Disables using SSL
   -no404              Disables 404 checks
   -Plugins+           List of plugins to run (default: ALL)
   -port+              Port to use (default 80)
   -root+              Prepend root value to all requests, format is /directory
   -ssl                Force ssl mode on port
   -Tuning+            Scan tuning
   -timeout+           Timeout for requests (default 10 seconds)
   -update             Update databases and plugins from
   -Version            Print plugin and database versions
   -vhost+             Virtual host (for Host header)
       + requires a value

Note: This is the short help output. Use -H for full help text.
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