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Docker Image for building AWS Lambda executables.
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The AWS Lambda Execution Environment and Available Libraries documents the current AWS Lambda environment. In order to run native binaries in our Lambda functions, we must ensure they are compiled in a compatible environment.

This Docker image is based on ami-6869aa05 (a.k.a amzn-ami-hvm-2016.03.3.x86_64-gp2) and includes the development tools necessary to build executables.


You are going to need Docker installed. You can find a variety of installation instructions, per operating system, in the Docker Installation Docs. If you haven't used Docker before, take a moment and look through the Docker User Guide.

Pull The Docker Repository

docker pull stechstudio/aws-lambda-build

Yum Repositories

The image uses the same Amazon YUM Repositories that the AMI image would use in EC2.

In the Image

The following libraries are available in the AWS Lambda execution environment, regardless of the supported runtime you use, so you don't need to include them:

  • AWS SDK – AWS SDK for JavaScript version 2.45.0
  • AWS SDK for Python (Boto 3) version 1.4.4, Botocore version 1.5.43
  • Amazon Linux build of java-1.8.0-openjdk for Java.

    Development Tools

  • advdef
  • autoconf
  • automake
  • binutils
  • bison
  • byacc
  • crash
  • cscope
  • ctags
  • cvs
  • diffstat
  • doxygen
  • elfutils
  • flex
  • gcc
  • gcc-c++
  • gcc-gfortran
  • gdb
  • gettext
  • git
  • indent
  • intltool
  • kexec-tools
  • latrace
  • libtool
  • ltrace
  • make
  • patch
  • patchutils
  • pkgconfig
  • rcs
  • rpm-build
  • strace
  • subversion
  • swig
  • system-rpm-config
  • systemtap
  • systemtap-runtime
  • texinfo
  • valgrind
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