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This is a fork of the original project

Reason for this fork

The reason for this fork is to provide a way of adding the index.html into the docker image.

Since some customisations for revealjs are only possible to be done by modifying the index.html this file needs to be part of
the container.

See the original readme below.

Reveal.js in Docker

This image provides a Reveal.js (Homepage | Github) presentation webserver inside a docker container.
It uses Version 3.0.0

The Dockerfile is heavily based on work from Peter Parente dockerfiles


Also available via docker hub. Simply docker pull fschl/revealjs.

Creating A Presentation

fschl/revealjs comes with onbuild support. To create a new presentation use a 1-line-Dockerfile with

FROM fschl/revealjs:onbuild

provide your slides in a file called Then start a new container using

docker build -t $(USER)/revealjs:slides . && docker run -it --rm -p 8000:8000 $(USER)/revealjs:slides

An Example Presentation Project is available. It comes with a handy Makefile.

  1. edit the markdown file
  2. put images inside /images directory
  3. set specific styles in custom.css
  4. run make dev
  5. visit http://localhost:8000

Using the dev goal enables you to update the slides content, images and custom.css styles without needing to rebuilding the image or restarting the container!

Running A Presentation

  1. run sudo make slides
  2. for speakernotes press S
  3. present

Credits To

reveal.js containerized. See for details.

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