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Centos 6.5 LAMP ZendFramework 2

Docker Image including CentOS-6, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.6, ZendFramework2 Skeleton Application


See Centos php56 README

Quick Example

Run up a container named from the docker image stefanorg/lamp-zf2 on port 8080 of your docker host.

$ docker run -d \
  --name \
  -p 8080:80 \
  --env SERVICE_UNIT_APP_GROUP=app-1 \
  --env APACHE_SERVER_NAME=app-1.local \
  --env APACHE_SERVER_ALIAS=app-1 \
  -v /var/services-data/zf2/app-1:/var/www/app \

Now point your browser to http://<docker-host>:8080 where "<docker-host>" is the host name of your docker server and, if all went well, you should see the "ZF2 Skeleton Application" page.

DocumentRoot Data Directory

In the previous example Docker run commands we mapped the Docker host directory /var/services-data/zf2/app-1 to /var/www/app in the Docker container, where /var/services-data/ is the directory used to store persistent files and the subdirectory is used by an individual app's named container(s),, in the previous examples.

On first run, the bootstrap script, (/etc/apache-bootstrap), will check if the DocumentRoot directory is empty and, if so, will poplate it with the example app scripts and VirtualHost configuration files. If you place your own app in this directory it will not be overwritten but you must ensure to include at least a vhost.conf file and, if enabling SSL a vhost-ssl.conf file too.

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