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Containerized docker registry for Windows Server 2016
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Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

Run the Registry

Run your own Docker Registry in a Windows Docker container.

As with Windows Server 2016 there is still a problem contacting containers from your Docker host locally (see issue #253 for some details), I suggest to use two Windows Server 2016 machines for now.

Create a folder on your host

On the first Windows Server 2016 we setup a local folder to persist your images.

mkdir C:\registry

Run insecure registry without TLS

If you don't have SSL certificates for your domain and don't wont to use self-signed certificates you can just setup you registry as follows

Run registry in container

On the first Windows Server 2016 machine run the registry like this:

docker run -d -p 5000:5000 --restart=always --name registry -v C:\registry:C:\registry stefanscherer/registry-windows:2.6.2

Edit your Docker Engine config file

On the second Windows Server 2016 machine add your local registry from the first Windows Server 2016 machine. In this example the IP address of the first Windows Server 2016 machine is We need to add this as we didn't use certificates to secure the registry.

notepad C:\ProgramData\docker\config\daemon.json
  "insecure-registries": [ "" ]

Or add your Registry to the start command:

dockerd --unregister-service
dockerd --register-service -G docker -H npipe:// --insecure-registry

Restart Docker Engine

restart-service docker

Run secure registry with TLS in container

If you have SSL certificates for your domain that you can use (a .crt and a .key without password), then you can secure your registry by running it as follows, assuming that your certificate files are stored in c:\certs and name domain.crt and domain.unencrypte.key:

docker run -d --restart=always -p 443:5000 -v C:\registry:C:\registry --name registry -v C:\certs\:c:\certs -e REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_CERTIFICATE=c:\certs\domain.crt -e REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_KEY=c:\certs\domain.unencrypted.key stefanscherer/registry-windows:2.6.2

If you only have a .pfx file with a password you can find a good how-to about getting the files you need here

Tag a Docker image

You now have a registry in place, secure or insecure, and you can run the following to tag a Docker image

For an insecure registry use

docker tag stefanscherer/registry-windows:2.6.2

For a secure registry use

docker tag stefanscherer/registry-windows:2.6.2

Push a Docker image

Again, for an insecure registry use

docker push

And for a secure registry use

docker push

Check C:\registry

On the first Windows Server 2016 machine check the C:\registry folder and you will see some directories and files containing the images and meta information.

Supported Docker versions

This image is officially supported on Docker version 1.13.0.

Docker Pull Command

Comments (4)
2 months ago

Can this registry image also be used as a registry mirror? I assume that setting the proxy configuration in c:\config\config.yml would enable it?

2 months ago

I have a doubt is there any change in the tag command for secure registry use and insecure registry or it is same as mentioned above

3 months ago

It should be fixed with 2.6.2

5 months ago

Hi, It seams that version 2.6.1 has some problem. The client pulling or pushing into the registry get a 503: host unreachable after 1 or 2 minutes. This is very strange. For the moment, I rollback to use version 2.6.0 and everything is very very stable. Keep up the great work! Just love your registry for windows containers!