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Dockerfile for Spidermonkey PHP extension

This docker container provides the php5-cli SAPI with the Spidermonkey PHP
extension automatically loaded, primarily to simplify some first testing.
It especially does not contain a webserver or the like.


The docker default command is to run php5-cli interactively, hence if you
just want to try it out quickly:

sts@dodo:~/Projekte/docker-php-spidermonkey$ docker run -ti stesie/php-spidermonkey:latest
Interactive mode enabled

php > $js = new JSContext();
php > function foo($a) { var_dump($a); }
php > $js->registerFunction('foo');
php > $js->evaluateScript('foo("Hallo Welt");');
string(10) "Hallo Welt"


Licensed under The MIT License (MIT)
For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE file.

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