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Git-based data container
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Git in Docker

This container is specifically to clone and update a git repo. It is based on the
minimalist Alpine Linux, and installs:

  • git
  • openssh (to clone via SSH)
  • openssl (to clone via HTTPS)

The intention is to be able to use this to create a data container, and other
containers can subsequently mount /app via --volumes-from.


  • docker run --name=app stevepacker/git clone
    will clone the repo into /app
  • docker run --volumes-from=app stevepacker/git pull
    will change into /app and pull the latest code for whatever branch is
    currently checked out
  • docker run --volumes-from=app stevepacker/git checkout 1.1.0
    will change into /app, fetch the latest from origin, checkout tag 1.1.0,
    and pull the latest code
  • docker run --rm -it stevepacker/git -- sh
    getting access to the shell
  • docker run --rm -it stevepacker/git -- whoami
    run any arbitrary linux command

Non-privileged User: app

This repo clones the files under a non-privileged user "app" with UID=1000


  • /app is where the repo is cloned to.
  • /home/app/.ssh/ may be an interesting directory for you if you'd like to inject
    an OpenSSH private key to help you clone a private repo over SSH.

Environment Variables

  • GIT_SSH_COMMAND="ssh -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no"
    is pre-configured to allow a clone over SSH to succeed without host key checking.
    For the security-minded, override this ENV variable and inject the proper file
    into /home/app/.ssh/known_hosts
  • GIT_BRANCH="master" is pre-configured. If you'd rather checkout a different tag
    or branch, change this accordingly.
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