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NodeJS with Node_Supervisor on Alpine Linux
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This container runs NodeJS on Alpine Linux.

It is also bundled with
Node_Supervisor and
Both are installed globally if you'd like to use them.

A user node is created with UID=1000 to run as an unprivileged user.

NPM Install

During initialization, if file /app/package.json exists, and if
/app/node_modules is either empty or not there, this container will automatically
run npm install within /app to install all dependencies.

Additionally, if /app/package.json exists, the "start" script will be ran (which
defaults to running "node server.js").

You can also override the CMD or provide a different command via CLI.


  • /app is where your application code should reside.

Environment Variables


Provides a means to wrap your application in a supervisor. Example:

  • SUPERVISOR=nodemon
  • SUPERVISOR=nodemon SUPERVISORFLAGS="--watch /app/lib --delay 5"
  • SUPERVISOR=supervisor SUPERVISORFLAGS="--non-interactive --timestamp --no-restart-on success --exec"
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