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Compass is an open-source CSS Authoring Framework.
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Compass is an open-source CSS Authoring Framework built with SASS.

Built using alpine base image (35MB).

How to use this image

Compass watch

docker run --rm -v [SCSS_DIR]:/input -v [CSS_DIR]:/output -v [IMAGES_DIR]:/images stevevega/compass watch

Replace [SCSS_DIR] with your host scss source directory and [CSS_DIR] with your host css output directory. Optionally you can add a volume for your sprite images, replace [IMAGES_DIR] with your images dir in the example above.

For other use cases you can replace watch with any of the compass CLI commands.

Adding custom configuration

Create a config.rb file in your [SCSS_DIR]

css_dir = '../output'
sass_dir = '.'
images_dir = '../images'

Compass configuration reference.

Using docker compose

[Docker compose] ( is also an easy way to run compass with your existing project. For example:

  build: .
  image: stevevega/compass
  command: watch
    - compass:/input
    - public/css:/output
    - public/img:/images
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