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Perlbrew base repository, on top of debian stable
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This container builds upon a debian:stable container and extends it with a basic perlbrew environment. It can be used as a basis to install a desired perl version.


Create your own Dockerfile to build on top of this container:

FROM steviethecat/perlbrew


RUN /bin/bash -c "source /opt/perlbrew/etc/bashrc"

# install the stable version of perlbrew as current, removing build files after installation
RUN perlbrew --notest install stable --as current && \
  rm -f /opt/perlbrew/dists/perl-*.tar.bz2 && \
  rm -rf /opt/perlbrew/build/* 

# switch to the new perlbrew
RUN perlbrew use current

# make sure new bash instances use the new perl
RUN echo "source /opt/perlbrew/etc/bashrc && perlbrew switch current" >> ~/.bashrc

# Also set the environment when not using bash
ENV PERLBREW_ROOT=/opt/perlbrew
ENV PERLBREW_HOME=/tmp/.perlbrew
ENV PERLBREW_PATH=/opt/perlbrew/bin:/opt/perlbrew/perls/current/bin
ENV PERLBREW_MANPATH=/opt/perlbrew/perls/current/man

And add your own code. E.g.

RUN cpanm Dancer2 && \
  rm -rf /root/.cpanm/*
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