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OpenStack Swift All-In-One (SAIO) image.
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OpenStack Swift All-In-One container image (SAIO)


This project will create a OpenStack Swift All-In-One Docker image


  • Docker must be installed. (Tested with Docker v. 1.13)

To build the image

docker build -t saio .

Build arguments can be used to change the installed release for the following components:

and can be built using the following syntax:

 docker build
 --build-arg liberasurecode_release=1.4.0 \
 --build-arg swiftclient_release=3.3.0 \
 --build-arg swift_release=2.13.0 \
 -t saio .

To start the SAIO container

docker run -dP \
       --name saio \
       --privileged=true \
       --volume saio_vol:/srv \

NOTE: The image may take in the upwards of 10-20 minutes to initialize and run its tests before it is available to respond to requests. Tests may be skipped by using the environment variable SKIP_TESTS=true (e.g. -e SKIP_TESTS=true). Tests should be run at least once.

Viewing the status of SAIO

To view the status of the initialization, execute the following command after running the container:

docker logs -f saio

To stop and cleanup the SAIO instance

# cleanup the old container if it exists
docker rm -fv saio

# cleanup the old volume if it exists
docker volume rm saio_vol
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