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Stockflare uses this repository internally to centralize all of our logging from service containers running on our infrastructure.

This container is loosely based upon the container described in this AWS blog post but has had confd added to it, enabling a little bit of flexibility.

It relies upon a few environment variables that can be configured inside the docker run command:

  • AWS_REGION: Defaults to us-east-1, set this to the region your running the container in.
  • CLOUDWATCH_LOG_GROUP: Defaults to default, set this to the name of your logging group.

How it works

Usage: docker run -name logger stockflare/logger

Now link a service container...

docker run -link logger -P some/service-of-mine logging-executable 2>&1 >(/usr/bin/logger -t service-of-mine -p -n logger -P 514)

This command looks a bit full on, but its pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

Whilst our services take advantage of an wrapping binary added to the stockflare/base container, we've laid it out above for you.
It simply pipes $stdout and $stderr from our logging-executable which could be puma for example (if you're running a ruby project) to the logger binary. The logger binary is setup with a few flags that enable it to broadcast over TCP/UDP on port 514 to the docker linked hostname 'logger'.

Done, have fun.

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