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docker-sonarr (Formally known as NzbDrone)

This is a sonarr/NzbDrone docker container.

Note: As of yet, I haven't managed to get the https:// aspect working. If you check out the Dockerfile you'll see i'm installing pvk (to generate pvk's on linux), and then in cookbooks/sonarr/recipes/default.rb you'll see where i'm generating the pvk, and importing in mono.

From there i'm using monos httpcfg tool to get the thumbprint and import it into the sonarr config.

That all seems to be fine, however hitting https:// still doesn't work, http:// is fine though.


The easiest way to use this is probably a fig file:

  image: stono/sonarr 
    - sonarr_api_key=your-own-key // One will be generated if this isn't set
    - sonarr_username=sonarr // Defaults to sonarr
    - sonarr_password=password // One will be generated if this isn't set
    - ./storage:/storage
    - "8989:8989"
    - "9898:9898"

From there you can start it with sudo fig up -d and connect to it on:

Or if you don't want to use fig, this will do the job:

sudo docker run -d && \
  -v "/path/to/your/storage:/storage" && \
  -e="sonarr_api_key=your-own-key" && \
  -e="sonarr_username=sonarr" && \
  -e="sonarr_password=password" && \
  -p "8989:8989" && \
  -p "9898:9898" stono/sonarr


All config / data gets written to /storage/nzbdrone on the first "fig up", so if you mount in that volume to somewhere on your system, all your configuration will be preserved through docker container updates.

You could mount in your own, already existing config directory if you like.


This is part of a set, all based of the same images, all desgined to eventually piece together.

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