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Pocketmine Docker Image

Run a pocketmine server in no time. This docker file builds the latest development version of Pocketmine.

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To run a Pocketmine server in a docker container

docker pull storagenerd1/pocketmine:latest
docker run -d -p 19132:19132 -p 19132:19132/udp --name pocketmine storagenerd1/pocketmine:latest

You can now connect to the hosts's IP address (or hostname) at Pocketmine's default port: 19132. Both RCON and game play listen on the same port. RCON on the TCP connection and game play on the UDP connection.

To verify that the Pocketmine server started you can request the container's logs:

docker logs pocketmine

Here's typical response:

00:48:17 [INFO] Starting Minecraft: PE server version v0.9.5 alpha
00:48:17 [INFO] Loading pocketmine.yml...
00:48:17 [INFO] Loading server properties...
00:48:17 [INFO] Starting remote control listener
00:48:17 [INFO] RCON running on
00:48:17 [INFO] Starting Minecraft PE server on
00:48:17 [INFO] This server is running PocketMine-MP version Alpha_1.4dev-668 "絶好(Zekkou)ケーキ(Cake)" (API 1.6.0)
00:48:17 [INFO] PocketMine-MP is distributed under the LGPL License
00:48:18 [NOTICE] Level "world" not found
00:48:18 [INFO] Preparing level "world"
00:48:18 [NOTICE] Spawn terrain for level "world" is being generated in the background
00:48:18 [INFO] Starting GS4 status listener
00:48:18 [INFO] Setting query port to 19132
00:48:18 [INFO] Query running on
00:48:18 [INFO] Default game type: SURVIVAL
00:48:18 [INFO] Done (1.074s)! For help, type "help" or "?"

The server starts by default in survival mode and generates a new world.

Making a RCON connection

To make a RCON connection you'll need to lookup the autogenerated RCON password, which you can find in the file in the container. You can use a 2<up>nd</sup> instance of the bartt/pocketmine image to read the file:

docker run -it --rm --volumes-from pocketmine bartt/pocketmine cat /pocketmine/

Now you can use the reported rcon.password to make a RCON connection. For example with mcrcon.

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