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Quick Start Redis

to run it at first you need to pool this image

docker pull stormsw/redis

This container starts distributive (Ubuntu 14.10) bundled version
Redis port exported as:

  • EXPOSE 6379

For persistance there external data volumes defined
VOLUME ["/var/lib/redis"]
VOLUME ["/run/redis"]

Run the redis image

docker run -name redis -d stormsw/redis

To connect to the server.

redis-cli -h $(docker inspect --format {{.NetworkSettings.IPAddress}} redis)


Data Store

You should mount a volume at /var/lib/redis.

mkdir -p /opt/redis
docker run -name redis -d \
  -v /opt/redis:/var/lib/redis stormsw/redis

This will make sure that the data stored in the database is not lost when the image is stopped and started again.

Shell Access

For debugging and maintenance purposes you may want access the containers shell. If you are using docker version 1.3.0 or higher you can access a running containers shell using docker exec command.

docker exec -it redis bash
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