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Stratio Ingestion is a data stream solution to operate over large data streams.
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  • 0.6.1,latest

For more information about Stratio Ingestion, please see our documentation on Confluence or our GitHub Repo

What is Stratio Ingestion?

  • Stratio Ingestion is Apache Flume with steroids. It’s a data stream solution to operate over large data streams.
  • Collection of heterogeneous information from a variety of systems.
  • The centralized ingestion of data generated by applications, servers and technical infrastructure, allows the optimization of the data lifecycle, and the application of intelligence over the whole ensemble of information.
  • Extract value from information.
  • In a typical organization there are hundreds of data formats. Getting rid of information structure differences and isolating the data from the technical singularities of its source, are critical issues for the platform business targets.
  • Information exploitation.
  • Accomplishment of administrative objectives typically only requires basic information storage. However, developing business intelligence over a constantly changing structure, requires a solution that guarantees the viability of data over time.

How to use this image:

Start a Stratio Ingestion instance

$ docker run --name ingestion -d stratio/ingestion

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