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Argus program for the Raspberry pi configured to send flows to the Stratosphere Project.
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How to run the image in a Rpi

  • Login to your Rpi
  • Download pipework in the rpi

    chmod 777 pipework

  • Run the image and let it waiting for the interface to go up. CHANGE the last string (here RpX) to a unique number (such as Rp23) before executing the line. That is your unique number inside the StratosphereIPS project. If you don't have one, ask one to

    docker run -d --name argus stratosphereips/argus:rpiv2 /bin/bash -c "/root/pipework --wait eth1; /opt/sbin/argus -i eth1 -F /root/argus.conf -e '\"RpX\"'"

  • Start pipework in the RaspberryPi

    sudo ./pipework eth0 argus 0/0

    • (It may give you a warning about arping not being available. Don't worry, is not necessary)

That's it! Should be working. Check the traffic with tcpdump.

The raspberry Pi image is based on resin/rpi-raspbian and the argus configuration is based on opennsm/argus

The Docker files are in:

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