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cerbot with cron support for scheduling of renewals.
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Docker container with certbot and cron support. Source
The certbot comand comes from docker image See certbot for information about certbot.

There are two modes of operations single and schduled via cron:

docker run <docker options> strawpay/docker-certbot <certbot options>
docker run <docker options> strawpay/docker-certbot cron <certbot options>

Single mode

The container will run once, performing the specfied certbot operation and exit.

<certbot options> is passed verbatim to the certbot command.

Scheduled mode

Schedules the certbot command. <certbot options> is passed verbatim to the certbot command.
The container sets up a cron job and continues running, outputting the result of the ran jobs.
The schedule defaults to "11 3 * * *"
Set the environment variable CRON_SCHEDULE to specify your own schedule.


Run once, setting up

docker run --rm -t strawpay/docker-certbot certonly --standalone -d -d

Run once, checking what renew would do

docker run --rm -t strawpay/docker-certbot renew

Renew at 03:11 every day

docker run -d strawpay/docker-certbot cron renew -q

Renew at 5:15 every day

docker run -d 
    -e CRON_SCHEDULE='15 5 * * *' \
    strawpay/docker-certbot cron renew -q
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