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MySQL on Percona w/TokuDB enabled
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Currently mostly still very pre-alpha testing, not really optimal for running in production - there might be game breaking bugs.

TODO: I need to automate running the mysql test framework, preferably plus the toku tests against this. That said all it really does is pull in tokudb plugin and enable it on the percona image so.. I do have auto tests of my own that check the plugin really enables and also does some (very) basic functionality tests on the engine before pushing to the registry.

Built on the docker library image with some minor modifications to make tokudb work. The docs for that should hold true except for the fact during init tokudb will be enabled automatically. Will be adding docs for moving from the library image to this one and getting tokudb enabled (executing /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d/ should do it in theory but this is currently untested).

The other major difference is the entrypoint is checked to see if you have transparent hugepages and it'll go into a die/sleep loop if you do. They need to be disabled for TokuDB to function correctly and I added the check to prevent mysql's data dir getting into a weird state where TokuDB is never enabled on restart because it's done after the initial init.

Test run:

docker run -a stdin -a stdout -a stderr -i -t --rm \
-v "/srv/tokudb/data:/var/lib/mysql" \
-v "/srv/tokudb/conf.d:/etc/mysql/conf.d" \
-p 3307:3306 \
--name "tokudb-test" streaky/percona-tokudb
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