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Sentry docker repo that packages SSO plugins (github and google)
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Currently pulling just sentry:latest and building that but if anybody wants other tags supported it's something that could be looked into - I auto-build anyway so it wouldn't really be extra effort just not sure if anybody would actually want other versions.

Repo at with dockerfile and the build/push script I use, feel free to PR/open bugs if you have ideas for changes or find problems.

Included are and, we remove repo requirement currently for sentry-auth-github; I will be adding a tag that covers not having that change but we don't right now.

Configure help for general sentry installs (and personally I'd suggest installing for sentry:latest and upgrading to streaky/sentry-sso when that works) can be found at the sentry official docker hub. Help for configuring auth plugins can be found in their respective github repos.

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