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Evaluation version of Striim Integration and Intelligence Platform.
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Striim official site

What is Striim?

Striim is an end-to-end streaming platform for real-time integration and analytics of data.

The Striim platform can ingest high-speed streaming data from a wide variety of sources – including change data from enterprise databases – and deliver it to many different types of systems within milliseconds. While the data is moving, enterprises can filter, transform, aggregate and enrich it at-speed, organizing it in-memory before it lands on disk.

How to use this image.

Run the default striim server :

$ docker pull striim/evalversion
$ docker run -d -p 80:9080 striim/evalversion

You can access the Striim UI via http://localhost or http://host-ip in a browser.
Please use admin username with password admin to access the UI functionality.

The default Striim server runs version 3.7.3 with the following configuration:

        STRIIM_HOME : /opt/WebAction
        WA_CLUSTER_NAME: dockerizedstriim
        WA_CLUSTER_PASSWORD: clusterpass
        WA_ADMIN_PASSWORD: admin
        WA_COMPANY_NAME: Striim


Striim, Inc. holds the copyright on the Striim platform. This particular image is provided purely for evaluation purpose only.
View privacy policy and license for the software contained in this image.

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