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Bliss Tagger running on Java 8 JRE, GLIBC 2.21 & FFMPEG over AlpineLinux
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bliss is a simple and accurate album artwork finder. Discover art for rare recordings. Free your art to view anywhere. Update existing art with one click. Configure once, then enjoy.


This is a minimal install of Alpine Linux 3.2 with Java 8 JRE, glibc 2.21, ffmpeg and bash. It is based on the Dockerfile develar/java, which I found recommended as the smallest footprint java build available at the time. I have had to add ffmpeg and bash to that build. The Dockerfile will download the latest version of bliss from the developers website and install it (/opt/bliss). Bliss will also start automatically (/opt/bliss/bin/

Once started bliss can be accessed via your browser. The default address is: http://ipaddress:3220 though you will need to configure the ports you want exposed before running the container.


I put together this Docker Image so I could run it on my Synology NAS. In fact I am running two containers at once, targeting different music libraries. I am using the supplied GUI on the NAS for Docker. You will need to identify the ports you wish to use to connect to the container in your interface or command line. No ports have been exposed so multiple versions can be run if so desired. You can also indicate which folders/directories you want the container to have access to once loaded e.g. your music directory/folder. Both these items can be done after you select the image for download and then create the container.


I have not tested this on OS X, Linux or Windows as there are versions available for these platforms.

At this time the only issue I am aware of is that the logs may become excessive due to an internal error with the linux build. I am investigating this. The logs are found in the /tmp directory and are named bliss.log, bliss1.log etc. The errors do not relate to bliss but the linux version used. If using a Synology NAS you can access these files through DSM --> Docker --> Container --> strop/blisstagger --> Detais --> terminal tab

Alpine - Version 3.2
Java JRE - Version 8.45.14
Glibc - Version 2.21
Bliss - Version 20150522

233 MB Image File
300-400 MB when running on NAS

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