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Official docker repo for Structr
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What is Structr?

Structr is a Low-Code Development and Runtime environment for Data-centric Web and mobile Applications based on the graph database Neo4j.

Among its many features are a visual schema editor tool to customize the data model at runtime, a JSON/REST API to access any data in form of JSON documents, an IDE to create micro web apps, a Content Management System featuring a virtual file system with fulltext indexing/-search and many file protocol connectors, a comprehensive three-level security system to define and manage users, groups, access rights and individual object permission, and last but not least a variety of technical interfaces to support data exchange, report creation and connecting to third-party systems.


Execute the following command to run a specific version (2.3.5 in this example):

sudo docker run -ti -p structr/structr:2.3.5


Go to http://localhost:8082/structr to access Structr's admin UI.

Login with the default credentials admin/admin.

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