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Official docker repo for Structr
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Docker image for Structr

Structr is the most advanced open Graph Application Platform based on Neo4j. With this image you can easily create a Structr instance.


Execute this command to run the latest stable version:

sudo docker run --name="structr-1.0.0" -p -p -t -i structr/structr:1.0.0

Latest snapshot:

sudo docker run --name="structr-1.1-SNAPSHOT" -p -p -p -t -i structr/structr:1.1-SNAPSHOT


Go to http://localhost:8082 to access Structr's backend UI. When using the 1.1 SNAPSHOT or later versions, you can access Neo4j via http://localhost:7474.

Login with the default credentials admin/admin.

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a year ago

Unfortunately the 1.1-SNAPSHOT has connection problems:

Jun 28, 2016 4:32:59 PM org.structr.websocket.StructrWebSocket onWebSocketClose
INFO: Connection closed with closeCode 1,011 and message ClassCastException
Jun 28, 2016 4:33:00 PM org.structr.websocket.StructrWebSocket onWebSocketConnect
INFO: New connection with protocol 13

The frontend in the meantime doesn't provide a login. Only a connection error dialog pops up all the time.