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The postgis image provides a Docker container running Postgres 9 with
PostGIS 2.1 installed. This image is
based on the official postgres
image and provides variants for each version of Postgres 9 supported by the
base image (9.0-9.4).

On the version 9.1+ images, the PostGIS extension can be installed into your
database in the standard way via psql:

CREATE EXTENSION postgis_topology;

If you are using 9.0 or would otherwise prefer to use the older template database
mechanism for installing PostGIS, the image also provides a template_postgis template
database with postgis.sql, topology.sql, and spatial_ref_sys.sql loaded.


In order to run a basic container capable of serving a PostGIS-enabled database,
start a container as follows:

docker run --name some-postgis -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=mysecretpassword -d mdillon/postgis

For more detailed instructions about how to start and control your Postgres
container, see the documentation for the postgres image

Once you have started a database container, you can then connect to the
database as follows:

docker run -it --link some-postgis:postgres --rm postgres \
    sh -c 'exec psql -h "$POSTGRES_PORT_5432_TCP_ADDR" -p "$POSTGRES_PORT_5432_TCP_PORT" -U postgres'

Using the resulting psql shell, you can create a PostGIS-enabled database by
using the CREATE EXTENSION mechanism (or by using template_postgis for Postgres 9.0):

CREATE EXTENSION postgis_topology;

See the PostGIS documentation
for more details on your options for creating and using a spatially-enabled database.

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