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Scrapes Prometheus metrics and pushes them into Graphite
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Prometheus Graphite Bridge

Scrapes Prometheus metrics and pushes them into Graphite.


pip install -r requirements.txt
./ options...


Configuration can be preformed by both command line options and environment variables.

Command Line Environment Default Description
--single SINGLE False When run only perform a single scrape before quitting. Useful for testing
--debug DEBUG False Enable debug logging
--metrics-port METRICS_PORT 9215 Port to use for publishing internal metrics
--scrape-interval, --interval SCRAPE_INTERVAL 30s How often to scrape target and send metrics to Graphite server. In addition to an number in seconds, suffixes of s (seconds), m (minutes) and h (hours) are also accepted
--scrape-target, --target SCRAPE_TARGET The full URL to scrape. You will need to include a path such as /metrics. Defaults to http if scheme is not specified
--graphite-host, --graphite GRAPHITE_HOST Host to publish Graphite metrics to. Can also specify a port as HOST:PORT
--graphite-port GRAPHITE_PORT 2003 Port of Graphite server
--graphite-prefix, --prefix GRAPHITE_PREFIX Prefix to add to all metrics sent to Graphite server

Internal Metrics

The Prometheus Graphite bridge publishes a number of internal metrics on the port specified in the configuration. In addition to the standard Python metrics added by the Prometheus client libraries the following are also published:

Metric Type Description
graphite_bridge_scrape_interval_seconds Gauge Configured scrape interval
graphite_bridge_scrape_total Counter Number of scrapes performed
graphite_bridge_scrape_duration_seconds Counter Sum of actual scrape durations

Using Docker

docker run -d -p 9215:9215 \
  stuartc/prometheus-graphite-bridge \
    --scrape-target http://localhost:9100/metrics \
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