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Docker container for the Valhalla
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Valhalla docker

This is a dockerised version of Valhalla, the routing engine from Map Zen

Building the image

docker build -t valhalla .

Generating the tiles

Before Valhalla can run we need to generate the tiles it will use for routing.
Create a data directory at the root of this repo

mkdir data

Then download the opensteetmap files for the regions you are interested in. For
example if you want to have routing in New York grab the corresponding osm.pbf file from

cd data

Also we need to fetch a configuration file for valhalla. You can grab the one here and place it in
the data folder as well.

Finally run the script


which will generate the tiles in the data directory.

Starting the server

Finally to start the server run


which will start the server running on port 5432 (you can change this by editing

Alternatively run the docker command

docker run  --rm -p 5432:8002/tcp -it -v $(pwd)/data:/data/valhalla valhalla

Getting routes

If you are using docker machine you can grab the ip of the instance by running

docker-machine ip default

then simply point your browser or curl or whatever at that ip and port 5432.
For example


Pull requests

Relatively new to Docker, if you have updates or improvements to this repo
pull requests are very welcome

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