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Turbogears demo
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A demo of Turbogears 2.3.4 with auth, mako templates, and sqlalechemy.

This Turbogears container can be used for quick deployment of a Turbogears environment in which to develop your apps. The initial pull takes a couple of minutes, but thereafter, the setup for a new app is almost instantaneous.

Using phusion/baseimg, so to run:

docker run -it -p 8080:8080 stuartz/turbogears /sbin/my_init -- gearbox serve


FROM phusion/baseimage:0.9.15
MAINTAINER Stuart Zurcher 
RUN sudo apt-get update && \
  apt-get install -y python-dev python-pip build-essential nano git \
  && apt-get clean \
   && rm -rf \
         /var/lib/apt/lists/* \
         /tmp/* \
RUN pip install tg.devtools \
   && gearbox quickstart -ams myapp \
   && cd /myapp \
   && pip install -e . \
   && gearbox setup-app

# or instead of quickstart copy project folder from main machine into docker container
# COPY /myapp /myapp
#or git clone your own turbogears project into the docker container
# cd to your project and RUN pip install -e .

WORKDIR /myapp

#If using this dockerfile rather than pulling stuartz/turbogears or using your own project folder
# docker run -d --name myapp image
# docker exec myapp nano development.ini
# change to to work with docker
# ctrl + o and enter to save
# ctrl + x
# now to make change permanent
# docker commit myapp 
# docker exec myapp gearbox serve
# view on browser at
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