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Redmine Bugtracker on CentOS7
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This Container contains of Redmine from Redmine Project put into CentOS:latest, running inside Puma application server. The Container exposes port 3000/tcp for the HTTP Connection to the app Server.

The bugtracker is located under /opt/redmine
There are three volumes within the Container defined

  • /opt/redmine/files for the file storage
  • /opt/redmine/logs for the log files
  • /opt/redmine/plugins for plugins to be installed to redmine.

The Container takes care of installing plugins automatically, initially loading the database etc. Therefor a bunch of Environment variables is used

  • RDM_DB_USER which is the database user used to connect against a mysql (with hostname mysql)
  • RDM_DB_PASS which is the database password for the supplied user.

How to

docker create -t --name redmine --link mysql:mysql -e RDM_DB_USER=redmine -e RDM_DB_PASS=mySuperP@ssw0rd -p 3000:3000/tcp sturm88x4/redmine:latest

will start it

you may modify the way Puma runs to listen on different ports or have different thread numbers.
All command Options you give a directed 1:1 to Puma, the Default command is
-b tcp://

Plugin Installation

In order to install a plugin to redmine simply copy the Folder to the plugin volume and restart the Container, the Container will automatically take care of installing required gems and preparing the database for you.

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