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Short Description
Build tool for nodejs projects to execute unit test, lint, and run code coverage
Full Description

Docker images to provide help in build, ci and related tooling for nodejs projects

How to pull image

docker pull subeeshcbabu/nodebuild:0.10.40-0.0.1

How to run nodejs builds

    > docker run -v "$PWD:/src" subeeshcbabu/nodebuild:0.10.40-0.0.1 

Mount the current working directory as an /src volume in the container so that the nodebuild will know where to look for the application package.json.

If you would want to build another project other than the PWD, present working directory, specify the mount path as

    > docker run -v "<project to build>:/src" subeeshcbabu/nodebuild:0.10.40-0.0.1

Docker Pull Command