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PugBot is an open source Discord bot (built off of the amazing work of that gives you a quick glance at a World of Warcraft character. Use it to get a quick summary of any character (like Pugs!).

Example: Screenshot


!pug name server

!pug Basimot Lightbringer

Add To Your Server

I (Reznok) am not currently hosting PugBot. Please either self host it, or find someone who is hosting it.

If you need help with setup, feel free to message me on reddit (/u/xeznok), and I will be happy to help.

If you are hosting PugBot and want to spread the love, submit a PR with your Bot invite link or send me a reddit message, and I'll add him here!


If you want to download PugBot and host him yourself, you will need the following:

Add the token and api key to config.json and run


Once you have a Discord Bot Token and WoW API Key, simply:

docker run --name pugbot -e DISCORD_TOKEN=<your token> -e BLIZZARD_API_KEY=<your key> jadametz/wow-pugbot

This can be used to run your own PugBot on any laptop or server running Docker.

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