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NFS Hub mounts NFS shares and maps between remote and local file ownership.
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Mounts a remote Network File System (NFS) to local user having bidirectional ownership mapping.

Problem Solved

My home NAS (Synology DiskStation DS313+) does not support Kerberos. To provide minimal security I can use flavour "AUTH_SYS" (see

The drawback of this method is that one has to mount the remote NFS shares having a local user with equal uid/gid as the owner of the files.

This Dockerfile makes it superfluous to be logged on as a user with remote uid/gid since ownership is mapped.

Usage Example

Download run script to have nfs-hub available:

curl -fLSs -o - > /var/tmp/nfs-hub && sudo mv /var/tmp/nfs-hub /usr/local/bin/ && sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/nfs-hub

Example to mount a remote Network File System (NFS):

  1. Remote NFS uri:
  2. Remote NFS domain name (setup of your NAS): nas
  3. Remote NFS user id: 1026, username: tobias
  4. Remote NFS group id: 100, groupname: users
  5. Local mount point: /mnt


nfs-hub '' nas 1026 tobias 100 users '/mnt'

¹: Will create the remote user on your local machine to enable ownership mapping.


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