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Jpetazzo's Busybox Image Builders

A.k.a. "The Little Containers That Could!"

This repository contains:

  • a rootfs.tar archive suitable to build a minimal Docker image,
    based on Busybox;
  • a Dockerfile referencing this tarball, suitable for inclusion into
  • multiple subdirectories providing Dockerfiles to build this tarball.

The goal of the latter is to solve a difficult question, id est
"who builds the builders?".

Those meta-builders are called "tarmakers". They obey the following "API":

  • they are built with a Dockerfile themselves;
  • the Dockerfile doesn't use any local content (no ADD of local file);
  • they generate rootfs.tar in their root directory.

The script is a helper to build rootfs.tar. It requires
as first and only argument the name of a subdirectory containing a tarmaker.

The following tarmakers are available:

  • buildroot: uses the Buildroot toolchain to compile everything from
    scratch (WARNING: THIS IS SLOW, it takes half an hour on my quad-core
    laptop with badass SSDs, so it will probably take a few hours in a typical
  • ubuntu: installs the busybox-static Ubuntu package and use it as the
    base for the newly built image. This is very fast but the resulting
    image is a bit bigger, because we have to slap a few fat greasy libraries
    on top of it. Would you like some fries with that?

To rebuild a busybox image using one tarmaker or the other...

# Use buildroot or ubuntu
./ tarmaker-ubuntu
docker build -t busybox .
docker run -t -i busybox
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