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Docker file for Chef Server
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Docker image for Chef Server

This Dockerfile installs and configure the Chef Server, Chef Manage, Chef Report. and Postfix for email notification as well.
Also, It creates admin user with password admin123 by default. Please reset the password, email address and keys.

This Dockerfile has been tested with Chef Server v12.15.8, v12.10.0, v12.9.1 and v12.9.0. It's not guarantee for any other versions, especially v11.x.

How to use this image

Pull the image from Docker hub

docker pull sunggun/chef-server

Run the Container

Run :

docker run -d --privileged \
  --name chef-server \
  -p 443:443 \

Please check the log when you run/start/restart the chef-server. It takes a while until fully startup.

docker logs -f chef-server

To verify chef-server version :

docker exec -it chef-server cat /opt/opscode/version-manifest.json | grep build_version

Using volume for data storage

The Dockerfile defines mount points i order to support storing config, data ,and data backup in your storage.

  • /etc/opscode : Chef server home
  • /var/opt/opscode : Data directory for all components
  • /var/opt/chef-backup : Data backup directory. If you run the chef-server-ctl backup in the running container, the backup data archive will be stored in this directory.
docker run -d --privileged  \
  --name chef-server  \
  -v <your-chef-home-directory>:/etc/opscode:rw  \
  -v <your-data-directory>:/var/opt/opscode:rw  \
  -v <your-backup-directory>:/var/opt/chef-backup:rw  \
  -h <your-hostname>  \
  -p 443:443  \

Get admin user and default group key.

Execute the following cli to find the keys.

admin user key :

docker exec -it chef-server cat /var/opt/chef-server/admin.pem

default group validator key :

docker exec -it chef-server cat /var/opt/chef-server/default-validator.pem

Access to the Chef Manage Console

You can access and login to the chef manage console through web browser.


please use user name admin and password admin123 to login. and don't forget to reset password and key once you login.

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