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The ApacheDS LDAP Server. Great for local LDAP testing and authentication.
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This project run ApacheDS in a docker container with an Oracle Java 7 environment.

This project was cloned from jjhuges57

This clone adds the following objects to the dc=example,dc=com container:

  • ou=people,ou=example,ou=com
    • ou=admin,ou=people,ou=example,ou=com (Password: 1234)
    • ou=user1,ou=people,ou=example,ou=com (Password: USER1)
    • ou=user2,ou=people,ou=example,ou=com (Password: USER2)
    • ou=user3,ou=people,ou=example,ou=com (Password: USER3)
    • ou=user4,ou=people,ou=example,ou=com (Password: USER4)
    • ou=user5,ou=people,ou=example,ou=com (Password: USER5)
  • ou=groups,ou=example,ou=com
    • ou=administrators,ou=people,ou=example,ou=com (admin)
    • ou=user1-user2,ou=people,ou=example,ou=com (user1 and user 2)
    • ou=user3-user4,ou=people,ou=example,ou=com (user3 and user4)
    • ou=all-users,ou=people,ou=example,ou=com (except admin, user5)

How to use this image

Currently this image does not take any environment variables but you need to expose ports to your local machine to connect using Apache Directory Studio

  • -p 10389:10389 (unencrypted or StartTLS)
  • -p 10636:10636 (SSL)


  1. docker run --name apacheds -d -p 10389:10389 supercoder/docker-apacheds
  2. Start Apache Directory Studio
  3. In the bottom left corner there is a section called "Connections" Click on the "LDAP" icon to add a connection to your container.
  4. Hostname: and Port: 10389
  5. Click "Next"
  6. Bind DN or user: uid=admin,ou=system Bind password: secret (Default ApacheDS password)
  7. Click "Finish"

Build from docker file

git clone
cd docker-apacheds
docker build -t apacheds .

Run from

docker run -d
    -p 10389:10389 \
    -p 10636:10636 \
    --name apacheds supercoder/apacheds
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