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PHP5.6 Docker image for use with Gitlab's CI Multi Runner.
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Inspired by - for whatever reason, I couldn't build with child images, so I decided to lump it all together and it worked. Bumped the version of PHP 5.6 to the latest stable as well.

Building your own image

git clone
cd php5.6
docker build -t superhaggis/php5.6 .

The completed image weighs in at approximately 1,115MB.

What does this image give me?

  • Your choice of PHP CLI binary with these core extensions built and enabled.
  • The Composer dependency management CLI tool.
  • PECL extensions for MongoDB, Redis, Memcache, SSH2 and xdebug
  • Stock PEAR libraries (for legacy PHP applications)

Changing PHP version

If you want to test your application earlier version of PHP, all you need to do is change the PHP_VERSION variable at the top of the Dockerfile and re-build your image. This is handled via a combination of phpenv and php-build.


Despite the name of this repository, you can in fact compile as far back as PHP 5.2.17, if you so desired.

A list of supported PHP versions can be found here.

MIT License

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