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SuperNEMO Falaise Software
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An image based on Ubuntu 16.04 providing an install of the Falaise software for the SuperNEMO experiment.

It is provided for testing and deployment to systems allowing Docker for compute tasks such as MC or Reconstruction production. It is currently under testing/review, so should not be used yet for large scale production or to generate results for publication. Tags are available for each MAJOR.MINOR release of Falaise, and the latest tag corresponds to the current production release. Patch versions are not tagged separately as these are only made for minor changes.

To try the container out, you will require an install of, and system permission to run, Docker. The image provides a basic Linux bash command line entrypoint, so may be used to run a container via:

$ docker pull supernemo/falaise
$ docker run -ti supernemo/falaise
... in container ...
linuxbrew@4608b2e19c0a:~$ flsimulate --version

Further information on running containers is available on the image development site.
By default, there is no sharing of data between the container and the host system. If you need to share files between the container and host (and vice versa), e.g. for saving output files, see the information at the above link and also the Docker documentation on data volumes.

For futher infomation on running Falaise itself, please see the main development site and the online documentation. For any issues running or using the container, please see the image development site.

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