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bitcoind - Help the bitcoin network by running a full node.
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Based on debian:stretch, this builds and runs bitcoind the way it was meant to be.


o Minimal layers, one RUN command in the entire build.
o DB 4.8.30 for wallet compatibility, downloaded and signature verified from Oracle.
o Compiles bitcoind from source, downloaded and signature verified from the GitHub bitcoin project.
o Tests bitcoind.
o Does not run bitcoind as root.
o Outputs to console for docker log.
o Bring your own config and place to store the blockchain. (volume mount)

Run the container:
docker run -p 8333:8333 -v /config_and_blockchain1:/home/bitcoind/.bitcoin --name bitcoind supertux1/bitcoind:0.14.1

Alternate UASF-SegWit:0.3 (BIP148) Enforcing Version:
docker run -p 8333:8333 -v /config_and_blockchain2:/home/bitcoind/.bitcoin --name bitcoind-BIP148 supertux1/bitcoind:0.14-BIP148

See what's happening:
docker exec -t bitcoind bitcoin-cli getinfo
docker logs bitcoind

Get your wallet address:
docker exec -t bitcoind bitcoin-cli getaccountaddress ""

See network info:
docker exec -t bitcoind-BIP148 bitcoin-cli getinfo

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