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The gollum wiki installed on ubuntu
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This Dockerfile is a simply install gollum.


docker pull suttang/gollum


Run container simply

sudo docker run -d -P --name gollum suttang/gollum

# Check container port
sudo docker port gollum

wget http://localhost:49157

Change port to 80

sudo docker run -d -p 80:4567 --name gollum suttang/gollum
wget http://localhost

You can attach some options

sudo docker run -d -P --name gollum suttang/gollum --allow-uploads --live-preview

To add more options , checkout this link gollum options.

Use wikidata in host filesystem

# Create and initialize wikidata
mkdir ~/wikidata
git init ~/wikidata

sudo docker run -d -P -v ~/wikidata:/root/wikidata suttang/gollum

Load config file

# Create and initialize wikidata
mkdir ~/wikidata
git init ~/wikidata

# Create config.rb
vi ~/config.rb

sudo docker run -d -P -v ~/wikidata:/root/wikidata suttang/gollum --config /root/wikidata/config.rb

Use nginx-proxy

sudo docker run -d -P --name gollum -v ~/wikidata:/root/wikidata -e -e VIRTUAL_PORT=80 -p 80 suttang/gollum --allow-uploads --config /root/wikidata/config.rb --port 80


Customize suttang/gollum image

sudo docker run -t -i --entrypoint="/bin/bash" suttang/gollum

# execute some commands in container's shell

sudo docker commit -m "customized suttang/gollum by myself" CONTAINER_ID YOURNAME/gollum

or create new Dockerfile with FROM suttang/gollum

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