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Shoop E-Commerce Platform
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Shuup is an Open Source E-Commerce Platform based on Django and Python.


Copyright (C) 2012-2016 by Shoop Commerce Ltd.

Shuup is International Registered Trademark & Property of Shoop Commerce Ltd.,
Business ID: FI24815722, Business Address: Aurakatu 12 B, 20100 Turku,


Contributor License Agreement is required for any contribution to this
project. Agreement is signed as a part of pull request process. See
the CLA.rst file distributed with Shuup.


Shuup is published under the GNU Affero General Public License,
version 3 (AGPLv3). See the LICENSE file distributed with Shuup.

Some external libraries and contributions bundled with Shuup may be
published under other AGPLv3-compatible licenses. For these, please
refer to file in the source code tree or the licenses
included within each package.


We have a Gitter chat room for Shuup. Come chat with us! |Join chat|

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Getting Started with Shuup development

See Getting Started with Shuup Development <>__.

Contributing to Shuup

Interested in contributing to Shuup? Please see our Contribution Guide <>__.


Shuup documentation is available online at Read the Docs <>__.

Documentation is built with Sphinx <>__.

Issue the following commands to build the documentation:

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pip install Sphinx  # to install Sphinx
cd doc && make html

To update the API documentation rst files, e.g. after adding new
modules, use command:

.. code:: sh

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