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SvarmoIO MQTT broker

Running local

npm run start_local

Running in local docker

Install docker

Follow the instructions here:

Build image

sudo docker build -t svarmo/svarmo-io .

Run image

sudo docker run -p 8000:8000 -p 1883:1883 svarmo/svarmo-io

Remote docker

We will be using DockerCloud for now since it offers a free node and a free repo, after we expand, we would like to develop our own soluton since this thing is expensive

Ideally the git push should work


Docker cloud is configured to autobuild when it finds a tag /^v([0-9.]+)$/ the process to commit using tags is:

  • Start working by creating a new branch (remote + local)

  • Work on your branch and commit until ready (CR's and crap can go here in bitbucket commits)

  • Once approved, merge into origin/release

git checkout release
git merge <your_branch>
git push
git tag -a vx.y.z -m "Tag message"
  • Push tag
git push origin --tags
Docker Pull Command