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#Dockerized Tomcat

A simple dockerfile that show how to create a minimal version of Tomcat7 using Java7.
It downloads Tomcat7 from Apache website and places it under /opt/tomcat folder

Dockerfile.tomcat6 is an alternative, it is provided to install Tomcat6. To show the power of docker this is radically different form Tomcat7 Dockerfile.

Main differences:

  • use an existing image having Ubuntu / Java 6
  • install Tomcat from Ubuntu repositories
  • allow to create a "tomcat6" user, an map to a user on host machine
    (this may be useful)


Replace configuration files with yours. In particular modify tomcat-users.xml file which contains user/pwd for Tomcat Manager. Default credentials are:


This project suppose that you create a Tomcat container. You can place your webapp *.war file in three way:

  • via Tomcat Manager
  • via -v parameter via command line docker run
  • via docker-compose by editing docker-compose.yml file


Build & Run:
[docker-compose] docker-compose up -d


[docker-compose] docker-compose build
[traditional] docker build -t tomcat .


[docker-compose] docker-compose run -d tomcat
[traditional] docker run -v <webapp_local_path>:/opt/tomcat/webapps/webapp.war -p 8080:8080 --name tomcat1 tomcat

Running (con bash interattiva):

[docker-compose] docker-compose run tomcat
[traditional] docker run -v <webapp_local_path>:/opt/tomcat/webapps/webapp.war -p 8080:8080 --name tomcat1 -i -t tomcat /bin/bash

Stopping or removing running container:

[docker-compose] docker-compose stop
[docker-compose] docker-compose rm --force        
[traditional] docker rm -f tomcat1


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