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This is the sample petstore application
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This is the server hosted at You can run it to have your own, high-performance petstore with questionable REST design practices, too.

Supported tags

  • latest (because nobody wants an old petstore)

For more information about this image and the functionality it provides, please see the swagger-samples GitHub repository.


Expose port 8080 from the image and access petstore via the exposed port. You can then add and delete pets as you see fit.

You can configure the mount point for the application (default is api):


You can also configure the host that you will be serving the API on:



docker pull swaggerapi/swagger-petstore
docker run -d -e SWAGGER_HOST= \
  -e SWAGGER_BASE_PATH=/v2 -p 80:8080 swaggerapi/swagger-petstore

You can now open swagger-ui on your machine via 80

Docker Pull Command